Kadri Liis Rääk (b. 1990, Tallinn) is a interdisciplinary  artist  weaving together installation, drawing, texts, and performance, inviting a deep dive into sensory perceptions. In her practice she combines methods of scenography and speculative design, putting emphasis on creating immersive, multimodal experiences.  At the roots of her works she intertwines ecological conversations between humans and non-human entities, conveyed through symbolic narratives.

She has participated in exhibitions and residencies in Peru, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. Since 2022 she is a doctoral student in the Estonian Academy of Arts' "Art and Design" curriculum, delving into the nuanced worlds of touch and embodied sensing, exploring how tactile interactions with artworks shift perceptions and evoke physical dialogues beyond the visible, probing the profound role of texturality in our engagement with the world.

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For collaborations and inquiries, kadriliisraak@gmail.com