Interactive tactile installation
Textiles, polyfill, cotton, hay, plastic, foam, dirt, clay etc.
Rhizopia i.e. a rhizomatic utopia is a constantly developing and changing multidisciplinary environment, a playground which is activated by the people that enter it. It is a tactile, immersive space, sound and form experience where almost all the sense organs are the interfaces for creating, understanding and habiting this soft world.
Rhizopia consists of tactile human-sized sculptural objects that allow the intertwining of space with the viewer. The shapes emerge from the organic world and have contrasted resistances- they are filled with cotton, hay, plastic, foam, dirt, clay etc. The perception of a tactile object is a dive into the unknown, an attempt to bring to the surface associations and memories that are associated with the sense of touch - Rhizopia is an environment created  for their manifestation.

It has been shown in various galleries and spaces as an interactive installation in Belgium and Estonia. In some spaces it was presented with 5 audio narratives that were hidden in the installation, others had the installation without  sound or video.
May 2018 Gouvernement, Ghent
June 2018  MAP#80, Glazen Gang, Ghent
July 2018 Graduation Show, KASK, Ghent
(Rene Bruynsenaere-De Witte Foundation
award for best Autonomous Design)
March 2019 Vent Space, Tallinn
March 2019 Kinnernord Unconference, Vihula
May 2019 ERKI fashion show, EKA, Tallinn
June 2019 TASE, EKA, Tallinn