Solo exhibition
Now:Gallery, Lima, Peru
”HALCYON” is a longing look towards possible
futures, a mental state of harmony and coexistence
between different forms of life. Kadri Liis Rääk’s solo
show features vibrant sculptures inspired by organic
abundance; ceramic pieces that propose a symbiosis
between landscapes and microbes, creating a
chimerical and fictional setting. In her work we witness a speculative utopia, space without time where biodiversity is latent an generous, like a rhizome that sprouts roots, proposing a communication between the underground and the visible. Kadri Liis’s work reflects a unique sensitivity that
stems from desire and empathy, where touch plays a
crucial role in physical and emotional communication:
relating to another by collecting information with your
Curator: Marika Agu (CCA)
Gallerist: Renzo Pittaluga
Now:Gallery, Lima, Peru