Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
In the exhibition "Exopoiesis", the artist responds to the social, ecological and existential crises we face today, looking towards a possible future. Rääk is looking for answers to what an alternative world could be, how it arises and fades away, and what is our role as the experiencers of this space-time in these processes.

The artist treats the exhibition as a system of relationships, where transfers from the imaginatively physical to the naturally synthetic are imbued with empathy. The boundaries between internal and external, natural and artificial are blurred, and the accompanying set of problems requires the imagining of new possibilities. The relationships have no recognizable contours, rather the artist exhibits here materials that are expressed as larger and smaller symbiotic collections stuck together. It is a slimy coexistence where resources and space are shared. Based on this, non-anthropocentric subjects emerge and one can only imagine what dialogues and political ecologies can emerge from their perspective.
This hybrid space is an organic autopoietic process in which the materials create a shape and simultaneously tell a story about themselves. The exchange of information is carried out by desire and intimacy, with its entire amorphous body.

Curator: Marika Agu
Sound design: Mihkel Tomberg
Choreographer: Maarja Tõnisson
Graphic design: Rasmus Einman
Photos by: Anna Mari Liivrand, Harry Tiits