We have always been them
25 min
“We have always been them” is a speculative narrative performance about relationships- between, within, amongst and all around us. It is a spectacle for interlinked multi-being muddle, where various creatures and objects will take the center stage and create new sensibilities and approaches in understanding the world.  It takes you on a journey of imagination, of heightened ecological awareness and expression of radical empathy for all living beings, dreaming up what would it feel like to be of a different species— a lichen, a mushroom, a particle, or light... What it means to be truly, wholly Other.
Materials: wool, tufting, glazed ceramics, rocks from the nearby beach, synthetic hair, latex, raw sheep wool.

Idea and creation: Kadri Liis Rääk
Creature: Olya Preobrazhenska
Sound design: Mihkel Tomberg

Kunstkollektivet 8B, Denmark