Rhizopia as a performative space, 
EKA 2019

Rhizopia was present at ERKI fashion show in May 2019 as a performance and installation which involved dancers from Viljandi Culture Academy. They filled the breaks of the show with interacting with the guests and activating EKA spaces with Rhizopia. The dancers were divided into 2 groups- Mushrooms moved around like rhizomes, wearing various pieces from the installation and communicated with the guests and Flowers were inside the installation itself. Guests were invited to join and interact with the creatures.

Idea and creation: Kadri Liis Rääk
Choreography, idea and styling: Maarja Tõnisson
Stylist: Alissa Šnaider
Sound Artist: Mihkel Tomberg
Photos and video: Evert Palmets
Dancers: Kaisa Kattai, Liisbeth Horn, Elina Masing, Anumai Raska, Liis Konsap, Helina Karvak, Kirte Jõesaar, Keithy Kuuspu, Alma Nedzelskyte